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  • 2 ways loudspeaker1971

  • The AR-4XA is launched in the mid-sixties as a lower-cost version of the A-4. 2 ways speakers 1971

  • The AR-5 have a lot in common with the AR-3A. These speakers use the same crossover network and a similar midrange driver. The main difference with the AR-3A resides in a smaller woofer, hence a frequency response a bit less extended.

  • 3A Improved is the european version of the original 3A. The only difference is that crossover has been modified in order to remove the coloration in the mid-area.

  • 30B are introduced in 1984 and will last until the launch of the "Connoisseur" serie, in 1985. These two-way speakers show a simple and modern design. They are equiped with a 254mm woofer and a 25mm dome tweeter.

  • The AR-7 is a bookshelf speakers model that appears in 1973 and will remain in Acoustic Research's brochure until 1976. Derivating from the AR-6, but smaller, the AR-7 was intended to complement a quadraphonic system or a compact size stereo set-up.

  • The AR-2AX is launched in the mid-sixties as a lower-cost version of the A-3. It contains the 254mm woofer and the 19mm dome tweeter used in the AR-5, while the midrange is covered by an 89mm wide-dispersion cone unit. Adjustment of the level of the midrange and high-frequency speakers is allowed by controls on the back.

  • The AR-8S and AR-7, both launched in 1973, share the same dome tweeter. With its 254mm woofer, the AR-8S provides a better response in low frequencies. Due to its removal from AR's brochure in 1974, AR-8 is rather hard to find nowadays.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items