REVOX B-77 MKII High Speed

MKII high speed version of the Revox B-77.

Starting with serial number 100 001 the Revox B-77 is manufactured in a MKII version. Compared with the preceeding MKI model, the MKII offers a built-in variable tape speed (+/- 10% from nominal) and a head shield that will not close in the editing mode.

The 7.5-15 ips version distinguish itself by an increased capstan axis diameter. The 15 ips speed allows to record with a maximum frequency response.


Data sheet

Reel size26 cm
Dimensions of unit (w x h x d)45,2 x 41,4 x 20,7 cm
PresentationAluminium and plastic
Motor3 motors
HeadphonesStereo jack 6.35mm
Stereo / MonoStereo
ConnectorsDIN, RCA
Drive methodDirect drive
Speeds19 et 38 cm/s