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3 heads


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The stereo cassette deck which adopted 3 head stream compositions.

The frequency-dispersion type double capstan is adopted.
Although the closed-loop double capstan scheme which holds a tapes by 2 capstans is very advantageous on a modulation noise and a flutter reduction,In 580 serieses, 2 more capstan systems should be differed, the overlap of a flutter peek was avoided, and the modification of a property has been obtained.

The rotation variation of the motor was detected and the high precision rotation has been obtained with the PLL (PLL) scheme which compares and controls the signal and phase of a reference-signal oscillator.

Resin shaping component partses were combined with the chassis which made the entity the big aluminum alloy of the periodic-damping property, the harmful fine oscillation produced from a motor and other body of revolution was absorbed, and the flutter component was decreased.

The coupling capacitor connected to the recording head was deleted from sound-recording amplifier, a hardwired connection and by DC-izing, the circumference of the distorted modification at the time of a sound recording and a low-pass phase was prevented, and the modification of a property is measured.

The double NF circuitry which applies the negative feed back to the capacitor of a sound-recording equalizer and a playback-equalizer circuitry was adopted, distortion generated by a capacitor was pressed down low, and high direct-current stability is taken simultaneously.

By pushing a soft touch button, a verb goes into a logic circuitry and all the operations, such as PLAY, FF, REW, PAUSE, and STOP, operate a mechanism by a control motor. Since the power source is stable unlike the solenoid scheme which consumes a large current momentarily and a tapes can be contacted slowly, a damage is not given to a tapes. Moreover the stable tapes run is obtained and an operation is also very quiet.

Shut-off is carried out at the speed of 0.4 second, and troubles, such as tapes coiling round, are prevented.

Data sheet

Date of manufacturing1979
AvailabilityFOR SALE
Largeur de bande1/8'
Stereo / MonoStereo
ConnectorsDIN, RCA
Drive methodA courroie
Speeds4,75 cm/s 1,85'