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The SMG-212 is another example of fine craftsmanship and design from Ortofon.

Precision ball bearings are applied for both horizontal and vertical planes assuring perfect tracking at even minimum stylus force.

Lateral balance by the special shape of the Duralumin tube arm enables perfect record tracking even up to 30 degrees out of level.

Resonance of the arm is minimised to a sub-audible 8Hz and the counterweight is calibrated in grams from 0 to 10.

The plug-in shell of the SMG-212 accepts any cartridge and is adjustable for cartridge overhang.


Arm length (overall): 12"

Lateral length: 9 1/8"

Cartridge offset angle: 22.7 degrees

Tracking force: 0 to 10g

Arm resonance: 8Hz

Data sheet

Date of manufacturing1959
AvailabilityFOR SALE
PresentationMetal and plastic
Stereo / MonoMono