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CD player 
Tube preamplifier
Tube output stage. Only Luxman combines the precision of digital audio with the mystical warmth of tubes. In the DZ03, the analogue signal is amplified by two 6CG7 tubes. The result is a laser player that regenerates the sweet sound quality that audio critics have come to expect from digital audio with its uncompromising precision, 

■ Advanced analogue output stage. The 18-bit digital-to-analog converter with quad-sampling digital filters delivers linear frequency response and virtually made-to-order channel separation. With the digital filters, smoothly sloping analogue filters can be used to minimise phase shifts. STAR circuit. The famous STAR (Signal Transit for Accurate Response) circuit in the 6CG7 is a discrete configuration of power supplies and masks. It eliminates the annoying distortion that occurs when the same power and ground lines are used to serve multiple circuits. Luxman's exclusive anti-vibration mechanism. Tracking can be disrupted when even the slightest vibration reaches the disc tray.
The DZ03 features the exclusive "High Rigid Lock" mechanism in which springs support the main frame and the laser beam transport mechanism while a special type of rubber damper isolates the laser beam from the main frame. The central location of the drawer, where the centre of gravity is located, corresponds to the most stable position within the unit.
For your convenience. You'll find few laser scanners that have been designed as extensively as Luxman to make it easy to use. To complete its outstanding specifications Luxman has provided the following features: a multi-functional fluorescent display on the front panel that provides 4 different time modes and a brightness dimmer for this display, a time adjustable dimmer, random order programming of 32 tracks, 10 direct track access keys, gold plated analogue connectors, a digital coaxial output and a pause, review and auto repeat.

Model: DZ - 030

Year: 1989

Digital Converter: 2 x PCM1701P, 18 bit, oversampling

CD mechanism: KSS 152A

Frequency response: 5Hz to 20kHz

Dynamic range: 87dB

Signal to noise ratio: 90dB

Channel separation: 82dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.12%.

Line output: 2.1V

Output connections: coaxial and optical

Tubes: 2 x 6CG7

Weight: 7.5kg

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Data sheet

Date of manufacturing
3 motors
Stereo / Mono
RCA / Cinch
RCA / Cinch
RCA / Cinch
Drive method
Direct drive

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