Our Worshops are taking over the REPAIRS and RESTORATIONS

most of the models and brands from the 1950's to 1985
Metrix U61C

The knowledge of thousands of devices repaired or restored is a guarantee of an efficient intervention, long-lasting and adapted to old devices. We collaborate with other experts,which allows us to take care of 90% of your HiFi. 

HiFi Vintage, is above all a worshop to restorate old HiFi to its original conditions, an additional guarantee for your future purshases in our stores.
Neutrix 3302

Lots of control equipment and tests

but mostly intuition and experience.


   testMetrix U61C
Réparation HP
    Réparation HP   Réparation HP
Repair suspensions HP  Suspensions foam


Our collection involved non completly repaired devices, for lack of some original elements. 

We keep these pieces for ulterior restorations, for pieces stock or for decoration or rents and original 1960's staging. Contact us to rent materials and devices.


Many thanks to all who have trusted me.

         Jamel         Stephane        Vitrine          Len