Specialized in repairing vintage hifi equipment from the 50's to the 80's, we are equipped with the laboratory hardware adapted for repairing and for the maintenance of your devices: oscilloscope, generators, frequency meters, spectrum analysers, transistor-meters, capaci-meters.

- Care and Maintenance :

We insure the restoration of all your hifi devices. Among our areas of expertise you'll find: cleaning, disassembling/lubrification, changing used pieces and replacing defective elements (new saphirs and diamants, bulb, rollers, belts etc.)

- Reparations :

      • Power supplies (including switch-mode power supplies)
      • Electronic circuits  (pre-amplifier, amplifiers, transistors, germanium, silicium, bulb technologies)
      • Mecanic elements (chassis, command mechanism, cassette and tape recorder, etc.)
      • Speakers (suspensions, cur winding, woodwork, wood veneer, etc.)

- Re-engineering :

We are able to fix all your devices : our expertise allows us to advice you carefully on the opportunities of some fixings and to make the best estimation of the worthiest option for your materiel. 

Waranties : we have a 3 month policy warantee on repaired elements.

Yet we do repair professional material, we are unable to guarantee its professional use.