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The Melodium microphone type 42 B is a velocity type microphone. In the Melodium microphone the ribbon consists of a 2/1000 mm thick duralumin strip placed in the air gap of two extremely powerful magnets. This microphone is bi-directional type that is to say that the waves striking the ribbon on its front and rear faces impress the microphone while the waves arriving in the plane of the ribbon do not produce any effect. This arrangement makes it possible to greatly reduce the observed Larsen effect on the pressure microphones and to eliminate any troublesome source by bringing it back into the plane of the ribbon. Its curve remains constant (plus or minus 2 db from 30 to 15 000 pps) regardless of the angle of incidence relative to the ribbon. Its impedance is 50 ohms obtained by means of a transformer balanced and shielded under screen and placed inside the cover of the microphone. The microphone (...) has a joystick with three positions: speaker, voice and music. It is recommended to use the speaker position for any transmission from a very close point, the voice position for any transmission of speech of the order of one meter and the music position for any musical source of more than one meter. (...) Especially recommended for indoor sound systems, studio recordings as well as all acoustic measurements of speakers "(Notice Microphones modern Mélodium, s.d., archives CF).
metal hood; duralumin tape of 2/1000 mm between two magnets; three position joystick speaker, voice and music

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