PATHE BABY Motocamera

Camera 1958


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In 1922, Pathé launched a range of products designed to promote amateur cinema: Pathé-Baby.

The film format, 9.5 mm, is the smallest, and it is not flammable! Sold in metal cartridges, the films are easily placed in a crank projector, compact, for home.

Soon, the range initially limited to the projector and its films was expanded: cameras (1923), and all the necessary equipment for the development and editing of films have appeared.

The model shown here dates from 1928. It is a Motocamera, advanced model of the Pathé-Baby camera, which has an automatic shooting with a spring training: no need to turn a crank to film ! It is an aluminum apparatus sheathed morocco whose mechanism is mounted between two plates forming the housing.

The lens F = 3.5, very bright, has a focal length of 20 mm and allows net subjects from a distance of 1 m 50, and without limit. The portraits are sharp as for them between 80 cm and 1 m 50.

We can see on the excerpt of the catalog of 1928 that the Motocamera cost 1100 francs, while the Pathé-Baby camera cost only 525 francs.

It must be remembered, however, that in 1930 the annual salary of a junior teacher was only 875 f. These devices were thus reserved for a prosperous layer of society!

The case with our Motocamera is called "Luxury leather bag" and cost 90 f.

Data sheet

Date of manufacturing1928
PresentationPainted steel