2 heads cassette recorder
1982-84 Dolby B

More info

Form     Stereo cassette deck
Track form     4 track two-channel stereophonic system
Head     Recording-play x1
Erasure x1
Motor (for tape transports)     For capstans: DC servo motorx1
For reels: DC motor
Tape speed     4.8cm/s
Wow and flutter     0.06% or less WTD RMS
0.11% or less WTD Peak
Frequency characteristic     20Hz - 20kHz (recording level -20dB)
A comprehensive S/N ratio (IHF-A)     DolbyNR B on: 62dB or more (ZX tapes, 70 microseconds, 400Hz, THD 3%, WTD RMS)
A comprehensive distortion     1.0% or less (400Hz, 0dB, ZX, EXII tapes)
1.2% or less (400Hz, 0dB, SX tapes)
Cancellation ratio     60dB or more (100Hz, 0dB)
Channel separation     36dB or more (1kHz, 0dB)
Crosstalk     60dB or more (1kHz, 0dB)
Bias frequency     105kHz
Input sensitivity/impedance     50mV / 30kohm
An Output voltage/impedance     Line: 0.5V (400Hz, 0dB) / 2.2kohm
Headphone: 1.2mW (400Hz, 0dB)/8ohm
Power source     AC100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption     A maximum of 23W
Dimensions     Width 430x height 110x depth of 250mm
Weight     About 5.5kg

Data sheet

Power supply220V
Date of manufacturing1988
AvailabilityUPON REQUEST
Motor3 motors
HeadphonesStereo jack 6.35mm
Noise reductionDolby B et C
Stereo / MonoStereo
ConnectorsRCA / Cinch