2 Heads cassette deck

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  • The model developed as a 2 head cassette deck with a total quality almost equivalent to 1000/700.

    The super head is adopted as a head. Having improved the distorted property, the endurance has realized 10,000 hours or more.
    Moreover, the direct flux erase head is adopted as the erase head, and the erasure capacity to have excelled has been acquired.

    In the mechanism part, in order to realize clearer sound, the vibration diffusion double capstan scheme is adopted.
    By changing the path of two capstans, resonance frequency was distributed, the overlap of a peek was avoided, the wow and flutter was decreased and the modulation noise has also obtained the extensive modification.
    Moreover, in order to remove a motor and the oscillation produced from body of revolution in addition to this, the vibration braking mechanism is adopted.
    A study is added from the quality of the material and the structure of a chassis, and it is considered as the chassis which made the big aluminum of the damping characteristics the entity farther than iron. Furthermore, the harmful oscillation is prevented in combination with resin molding.

    The circumference of a low-pass phase was decreased by having DC-ized sound-recording amplifier, linking directly with a head, and eliminating a coupling capacitor, and low-distortion-ization is realized.
    Moreover, a linearity is also improved and a high clipping level is taken, and it considers so that a sound recording faithful from the very small input to the Dainyuu power may be made.
    Furthermore, the sound recording and the playback equalizer have also minimized the tone-quality failure by adoption of the double NF circuitry.

    It is the stream composition which eliminated the erase head from between two capstans. The contact resistance of a tapes and a head is reduced and the modulation noise is decreased.
    Moreover, the gear was interlocked, the parallel displacement was carried out to the height adjustment mechanism over a tapes, and what prevented the occurrence of an azimuth loss etc. is adopted as it.

    The functionality in variable speed is carried so that the first play of music can be performed easily.
    If a pause button is pushed into FF and REW, speed will be downed to one half and the description of a sound recording can be heard. Subsequently, if FF and the REW button are pushed, speed will fall further, and it is set to one fourth of the beginning, and the head of music can be pulled out easily.

    A MPX filter, 47dB full-range peak level meter, Dolby NR, a 400Hz0dB testing tone, a Bias coordination volume, tapes start memory, etc. are carried.

    By an optional remote Control unit, a wireless operation is possible.
    It consists of a transmitter and a receiver and is operated in a logic circuitry.
  • Form 2 head cassette deck
    Tape speed 4.8cm/s
    Wow and flutter 0.04%or less Wrms
    0.08%or less Wpeak
    Frequency characteristic 20Hz-20kHz�}3dB (SX, an EXII tapes, -20dB)
    A comprehensive S/N ratio 60dB or more (400Hz, 0dB, WTD)
    63dB or more (400Hz, 3%THD, WTD)
    (Dolby NR in, 70 microseconds)
    A comprehensive distortion 1.5% or less (400Hz, 0dB, SX, EXII tapes)
    Cancellation ratio 60dB or more (1kHz, saturation level)
    Channel separation 37dB or more (1kHz, 0dB)
    Crosstalk 60dB or more (1kHz, 0dB, Rch->Rch)
    Bias frequency 105kHz
    Input sensitivity/impedance 50mV / 50kohm
    An Output voltage/impedance Line: 1V / 1kohm (400Hz, 0dB, output level maxima)
    Headphone: 45mW (400Hz, 0dB, output level maxima)
    Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
    Power consumption A maximum of 20W
    Dimensions Width 500x height 130x depth of 350mm
    Weight About 8.3kg
    Option Remote Control unit RM-580

Data sheet

Date of manufacturing1979
AvailabilityFOR SALE
Motor2 motors
HeadphonesStereo jack 6.35mm
Stereo / MonoStereo
ConnectorsRCA / Cinch
Drive methodA courroie
Speeds4,75cm / s